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The Full record page displays the full bibliographic details of a The Wellesley Index document. Full records can be accessed from the Search Results page.

What information does the Full Record contain?

Where available, records contain the following information:

Article records

Full records with Curran Index information only

Contributors records

Pseudonyms records

Periodical Introductions records

What can I do on a Full record page?

Back to Search Results

This link returns you to the Search Results page.

Modify search

Use the Modify search link to return to the search page with your original search terms intact so you can edit them and re-execute your search.
Note: this only applies if you have accessed the Full Record by carrying out a search.

Save to My Archive

Store the current record in the Saved Records area of My Archive and come back to it at a later date by clicking the Save to My Archive link.

Add record to Marked List

You can add a record to the Marked List by clicking the Add to Marked List check box on each Full record.

Download record

The Download record link takes you to a page where you can format the record for downloading to your computer. Note that this only applies to Article, Periodical and Curran Index records; Contributor and Pseudonym records are not suitable for downloading.

Previous/Next record

These links take you to the previous or next record in your Search Results without needing to return to the Search Results page

Durable URL

You can obtain the durable URL for an item in your Search Results by clicking the Durable URL link. A panel will open displaying the URL; you can copy and paste it into your documents and email, or paste it into a new browser address bar to add it to your bookmarks.

Hit Highlighting

Where the record has been accessed from a Search Results page hit highlighting is used to indicate search words which appear in the record. A Hiticon is displayed next to each word from the search.


Author names, Publication details and 'See also' references are hyperlinked in the Full record - clicking one of these links will execute a new search for that term directly from the Full record, and will take you to a new Search Results.

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How to cite The Wellesley Index

The form suggested here follows the scheme proposed by Hansard, in his first General Alphabetical Index, 1801-1826.

Title and description / session / paper number / volume number

e.g. Return of Number of Persons who have emigrated from G.B. and Ireland to Colonies and U.S.A., 1825-32; 1833 (696) XXVI.279

For a reference to a statement on a particular page of a paper, the title and description should be followed by the printed page number of the paper itself:

e.g. Papers on Union of British Columbia with Dominion of Canada. p.2; 1868-69 (390) XLIII.341

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